Corporate Onsite Taxonomy Workshop Topics

Taxonomy workshop modules and possible topics include the following. If all of  the topics are included, then each module would run approximately 4 hours.

1. Understanding Taxonomies and Other Controlled Vocabularies

Audience: The widest audience, including project managers, project owners or leads, product managers, content managers, content strategists, knowledge managers, information managers, information architects, librarians, taxonomy editors, subject matter experts, etc.

  • Definitions, Types and Examples
  • Purposes, Uses, and Benefits
  • Standards and Models
  • Metadata and Taxonomies
  • Determining the Controlled Vocabulary Type
  • Categories and Tags
  • Structural Design: Hierarchies
  • Structural Design: Facets
  • Building vs. Buying a Controlled Vocabulary

2. Creating Taxonomies: Concepts and Relationships

Audience: Those who will be engaged in designing, creating, editing, managing, maintaining, and/or updating taxonomies, thesauri, or other controlled vocabularies, whether information professionals or subject matter experts. This workshop module includes the most exercises.

  • Creating and Concepts and Labels
  • Synonyms / Alternative Labels
  • Sources for Concepts
  • Hierarchical (Broader/Narrower) Relationships
  • Associative (Related Concept) Relationships
  • Customized Relationships
  • Ontology Design Basics
  • Taxonomy Management Software

3. Taxonomy Implementation and Management

Audience: Those who manage taxonomy projects and those who work on taxonomies (as in modules 1 and 2 above), and additionally those in more technical roles of taxonomy implementation

  • Tagging with a Taxonomy
  • Auto-Classification
  • Content Management System Implementation of Taxonomies
  • Testing Taxonomies
  • UI Displays and Taxonomies
  • Taxonomy Integration with Search
  • Mapping Taxonomies
  • Multilingual Taxonomies
  • Taxonomy Project Planning, Process, and Management
  • Taxonomy Maintenance and Governance

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