Taxonomies and other systems for content and knowledge management

Hedden Information Management provides services, consulting, and training in creating various kinds of knowledge organization systems for both published and internal digital content:

  • Hierarchical taxonomies – for browsing topics tagged to content
  • Faceted taxonomies – for filtering or refining results by topical aspects
  • Thesauri – for consistent indexing and accurate retrieval of large numbers of documents
  • Metadata schema – for effective content management, organization, and retrieval
  • Search thesauri /synonym sets – for enhanced search results
  • Book indexes – for indicating page numbers of topics and names in printed books


New: Survey on interest in taxonomy licensing. Would you consider licening an existing  published taxonomy, thesaurus, or other controlled vocabulary for your use? Take the survey, and the results will be reported in my upcoming webinar, in a future conference presentation, and eventually in a future blog post.


 Photo by Maya Maceka on Unsplash