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Taxonomy Management

As taxonomies become more common for information management and retrieval in all kinds of organizations and in various applications, the task of creating new taxonomies from scratch is less needed than the task of managing existing taxonomies. What is required for taxonomy management, however, might not be completely clear. I’ve…

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Who Should Create Taxonomies?

More and more organizations of various types and sizes are recognizing the benefits of information/content taxonomies, to make it easier to more accurately and quickly find information, be recommended information, and be able to formulate complex queries of data. In many cases, however, where taxonomies are not central to the…

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Differing Definitions of Ontologies

In my last blog post I discussed the different definitions and features of thesauri. Now, I will turn to the next kind of knowledge organization system in the spectrum of complexity: ontologies. Actually, to consider an ontology as a more (or most) complex type of controlled vocabulary or knowledge organization…

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