Taxonomist Survey

Heather Hedden conducted a survey of 248 professionals involved in taxonomy work (taxonomists, taxonomy managers, and others who do some taxonomy work) in January 2022 as research for information for the 3rd edition of The Accidental Taxonomist. The survey comprises 18 questions: 15 multiple choice and three open-ended. Of the multiple choice questions , five allowed for “other” options or comments.

Survey questions (without answers)

The survey questions and answers in Appendix A “Survey of Taxonomists,” (pp. 463-462) does not include the hundreds of responses to the open ended questions.

The full survey results, including all open ended answers and comments, along with bar graphs for comparisons of results in the multiple choice questions (a feature absent in the book), is available for separate purchase as a 46-page PDF file for $15.00.

Survey PDF first question answers