In-Person Conference Taxonomy Workshops

Heather Hedden presenting at Data Day Texas 2022
Heather Hedden presenting “Introduction to Taxonomies for Data Scientists” at Data Day Texas, 2022

Introduction to Taxonomies for Data Scientists

Organizer: Data Day Texas
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023
Location: AT&T Hotel and Conference Center, 1900 University Ave, Austin, TX
This tutorial teaches the fundamentals and best practices for creating quality taxonomies, whether for the enterprise or for specific knowledge bases in any industry. Emphasis is on serving users rather than on theory. Topics to be covered include: the appropriateness of different kinds of knowledge organization systems (taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, etc.), standards, taxonomy best practices, and the connection of taxonomies to ontologies.
After the main 90-minute tutorial there will be a 45-minute optional hands-on workshop for those who want a deeper dive into taxonomy creation. This will focus on identifying concepts, determining preferred and alternative labels, and creating hierarchical and associative relationships.

Part 1 (90 minutes)
– Introduction to taxonomies and their relevance to data
– Comparisons of taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge organization systems
– Standards for taxonomies and knowledge organization systems
– Best practices for taxonomy concept and label creation
– Taxonomy connections to ontologies and knowledge graphs
– Best practices and taxonomy management

Part 2 (45 minutes)
– Taxonomy concept creation
– Preferred and alternative label creation
– Taxonomy relationship creation
– Taxonomy management software demo

Conference registration (Register early for reduced rate of $300)
Access to this tutorial is part of the regular one-day conference and does not require an additional fee.

Custom Taxonomy Creation

Mini workshop of 75-90 minutes (TBD)
Organizer: World IA Day
Date: Saturday, March 4, 2023
Location: Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH

Taxonomies help connect users to content, and they improve findability over keyword search alone. As such, taxonomies should be created so that they are customized to the content and to the users. How to go about this will be addressed in this interactive workshop. Content analysis and term extraction are methods to make a taxonomy match its content, and user interviews and brainstorming sessions are methods to make a taxonomy suit its users.

Following an explanation of different taxonomy types and features, exercises will include analyzing a document for candidate concepts, looking at the results of a term extraction tool and of a search log report. Small breakout groups will then brainstorm a taxonomy structure and top terms to serve the identified users.  

Registration will open in early 2023.