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The Accidental Taxonomist, 2nd ed., by Heather Hedden. Information Today, Inc., 2016

Table of Contents

Figures and Tables
Foreword, by Joseph Busch
About the Website
Preface to the Second Edition

Chapter 1: What Are Taxonomies?
Definitions and Types of Taxonomies
Taxonomies and Metadata
Applications and Purposes of Taxonomies
Taxonomies for License
History of Taxonomies

Chapter 2: Who Are Taxonomists?
Backgrounds of Taxonomists
Taxonomist Skills
Related Duties
Employment of Taxonomists

Chapter 3: Creating Terms
Concepts and Terms
Identifying Concepts
Choosing the Preferred Term
Term Format
Precoordinated Terms
Notes and Attributes

Chapter 4: Creating Relationships
Equivalence Relationships and Nonpreferred terms
Hierarchical Relationships
Associative Relationships
Hierarchical/Associative Ambiguities
Semantic Variations for Relationships

Chapter 5: Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management
Software Not Designed for Creating Taxonomies
Dedicated Taxonomy Management Software
Single-User Desktop Thesaurus Software
Multiuser Taxonomy Management Software
Free and Open Source Software
Other Software with Taxonomy Management Components

Chapter 6: Taxonomies for Human Indexing
What is Human Indexing?
Terms, Relationships, and Notes for Indexers
Taxonomy Structure and Indexing Interface
Taxonomy Updates and Quality Control
Managing Folksonomies

Chapter 7: Taxonomies for Automated Indexing
Automated Indexing, Search, and Taxonomies
Automated Indexing Technologies
Software for Auto-Categorization
Creating Taxonomies for Automatic Indexing

Chapter 8: Taxonomies Structures
Multiple Vocabularies and Categories

Chapter 9: Taxonomy Displays and Outputs
Thesaurus Displays
Hierarchical Taxonomy Displays
Fielded Search and Faceted Displays

Chapter 10: Taxonomy Planning, Design, and Creation
Planning for a Taxonomy
Enterprise Taxonomies
Taxonomy Creation Process
Taxonomy Governance

Chapter 11: Taxonomy Implementation and Evolution
Taxonomy Exchange and Interoperability
Taxonomy Updating
Combining Taxonomies
Multilingual Taxonomies

Chapter 12: Taxonomy Work and the Profession
The Nature of Taxonomy Work
Taxonomists as Contractors
Education and Training
Organizations, Networking, and Resources

Appendix A: Survey of Taxonomists
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: Recommended Reading
Appendix D: Websites
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