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Taxonomies, Controlled Vocabularies, and Thesaurus Creation
Online Instruction

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies
The online workshop that had been offered through Simmons College has been discontinued, along with the rest of the Continuing Education program of the School of Library and Information Science. It may return at an unspecified time in the future.

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies
The same course content as the former Simmons College online workshop, offered directly by Hedden Information Management
Format: Five self-paced lessons, emailed as HTML files, and direct email correspondence with the instructor
Particpant Cost: $270 for an individual; discounted rates for groups
Available any time
Course description, outline, and registration

Practical Taxonomy Creation
Through the American Society for Indexing
Format: On-demand webinar (unlimited repeat recordings) and handouts, comprising three 1-hour sessions
Cost: $299 ($249 for ASI members)
Available any time
Detailed description and registration information
(Registration is through the American Society for Indexing)

Taxonomies, Controlled Vocabularies, and Thesaurus Creation
Onsite/Conference Workshops

No full-day workshop is currently scheduled. See the outline and description of a recent full-day workshop.
Corporate on-site workshops can be arranged.

Website Indexing

Lesson files from previously taught online courses in Website Indexing