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Hedden Information Management

Indexing Specialties: Web Sites
by Heather Hedden

Published jointly by the American Society for Indexing
and Information Today Inc., 2007.

165 pages
ISBN 978-1-57387-302-4
Regular Price: $40.00 | ASI Members: $32.00

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Foreword by Seth Maislin
Index (PDF)
Review from Key Words, Oct-Dec 2007 (PDF)

“This ‘how-to’ manual is required reading for indexers who are considering adding this emerging indexing specialty to their professional offerings, or for Webmasters who want to make their sites more accessible. Hedden concisely covers the essentials, from HTML basics to specialized web indexing software, and concludes with practical advice on the market for web site indexing services. ... A well-written book that even a non-technical indexer can understand!"

-- Carolyn G. Weaver
   President (2007-2008), American Society for Indexing
   and Co-Webmaster, ASI

"Heather Hedden, long a proponent of the value of website A-Z indexes, has written a much needed book that fills a significant hole in the indexing literature. All indexers wanting to learning more about the expanding field of website indexing should add this important guide to their library."

--Fred Leise, Owner and Principal, ContextualAnalysis, LLC

“Solid, detailed coverage of the Web indexing field. Indexers will especially appreciate Heather Hedden’s balanced and practical analysis of the Web indexing market, and will value the illustrated techniques for the software packages she covers.”

-- Jan C. Wright, Wright Information


Making information findable within web site is becoming increasingly important, as the shortcomings of search engines have become apparent. A well-written site A-Z index, modeled after a back-of-the-book index, can provide the solution to finding information in many web sites. Writing an index for a web site requires skills in using certain software tools to facilitate the process, and it also requires an understanding of the techniques of indexing specific to web content. This book provides the explanations needed for both the software use and the indexing techniques.

This book provides all the information needed to start creating hyperlinked web site indexes, assuming no prior experience with HTML or web site creation and only a basic familiarity with indexing concepts. The availability of various software (HTML Indexer, XRefHT, HTML/Prep, and the HTML output features of dedicated book indexing software) means that the web site indexer does not have to know much about HTML, although HTML basics are nevertheless provided in this book for background. While prior knowledge of indexing is an advantage, this book also includes instruction on the basics of creating main entries, subentries, and cross-references specific for web page content. This is a valuable resource for indexers, information architects, web designers, webmasters, web site owners, librarians, and other information professionals.

This is a unique book within the Indexing Specialties series of the American Society for Indexing. Rather than a collection of articles of varying perspectives from different authors, this volume is a detailed cohesive explanation of the step-by-step techniques in creating web site indexes from the leading expert in the field.