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Conference Workshop: Taxonomy and Thesaurus Creation

Thursday, April 19, 2012
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Bahia Resort Hotel, San Diego, CA
American Society for Indexing Annual Conference

Taxonomies are becoming popular for organizing information in business knowledge management, enterprise content management systems, and intranets. Are these taxonomies different from literature retrieval thesauri? How does one go about creating a taxonomy? This workshop will provide recommended best practices for how to create terms, relationships, and variants for different kinds of taxonomies or controlled vocabularies, and will also introduce different software tools for doing so.

Whether you need to create a taxonomy to organize information on a web site, classify information in a content management system, establish a controlled vocabulary for a periodical or database indexing project, or simply understand how to use taxonomies better, this workshop will get you on your way.

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Workshop registration is separate from the main conference registration. It is not necessary to register for the complete conference to attend this workshop.
Space is limited.

$300 ASI members
$350 nonmembers

Workshop Outline

1. Introduction

  • In what various applications taxonomies and thesauri are used
  • Definitions of controlled vocabulary, thesaurus, taxonomy, and ontology
  • Deciding when categories or alphabetical organization should be dominant

2. Creating & Wording of Terms

  • Choosing the preferred term wording and format
  • Degree of pre-coordination vs. post-coordination
  • Term notes and attributes

3. Non-Preferred Terms

  • Types of non-preferred terms
  • How many non-preferred terms to create
  • Non-preferred terms for named entities

4. Creating Term Relationships

  • Broader term / Narrower term relationships
  • Associated term relationships
  • Specific relationships (for ontologies)

5. Thesaurus Display Options

  • Flat format, multilevel hierarchy, top term, and permuted/rotated

6. Hierarchies, Categories, and Facets

  • Creating hierarchies
  • Categories within controlled vocabularies, including authority files
  • Facets and faceted classification

7. Software

  • Overview of software for creating taxonomies and thesauri
  • MultiTes (including demo)
  • Other desktop software
  • Synaptica (including demo)
  • Data Harmony Thesaurus Master (including demo)

8. Sources for Terms

  • People as sources (owners, taxonomies, subject matter experts, users)
  • Content/material as sources
  • External reference sources

9. Project process

  • Project planning
  • Literature retrieval thesaurus project process
  • Enterprise taxonomy project process
  • Implementation of a controlled vocabulary
  • Maintenance of a controlled vocabulary

10. Related topics

  • Indexing & controlled vocabularies
  • Automated indexing & controlled vocabularies
  • Metadata & controlled vocabularies
  • Controlled vocabulary/taxonomy governance
  • Social tagging/folksonomies

11. Resources


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