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Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies
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2 Participants $465.00
3 Participants $660.00
4 Participants $855.00
5 Participants $1,050.00
6 Participants $1,245.00
7 Participants $1,440.00
8 Participants $1,635.00
9 Participants $1,830.00
10 Participants $2,025.00
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“Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies” comprises five lessons, each of which is composed of 3-7 web page chapters with images, links to
other sources, and optional assignments. Each participant is provided a unique login ID and password to the course site. Instructor feedback is provided for the course duration.

It is understood that Hedden Information Management owns the copyright to the course web pages. Quoting from them, or copying examples from them is prohibited without the permission of Hedden Information Management. Participants agree to view all course web pages in private. Web pages may be printed or downloaded for personal use only. The participant agrees not to distribute the contents of the course, either electronically or by sharing printed pages, except among other enrolled participants.

This course comprises five lessons. Although it is designed to take one month, login access is made available for two months (approximately
9 weeks), and, instructor feedback is also offered for up to two months. To extend the course access and instructor feedback for a period longer than two months requires a request in advance for a specified “break” in the course.

Course fees comprises a $75 group session administrative fee for each increment of 10 students and a registration fee of $195 per individual participant in the group.

The contact person agrees to the above terms, will share this information with all participants, and will ensure that they also agree
to the above terms. Furthermore, the contact person agrees that there can be no refunds if participants do not complete the course.

I agree to the above terms.