Taxonomy Conference Workshop

Conference Half-Day Workshop: Designing & Maintaining Practical Taxonomies

Format: Half-day pre-conference workshop (3 hours)
Date: Monday, April 16, 2018, 9:00 – 12:00
Location:Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202 (free shuttle from Reagan Washington National Airport)
Price: $179 (by March 16)

Taxonomies are becoming more common for organizing information collections in libraries, companies, and organizations, and in various systems: content management systems, library management systems, SharePoint, and on intranets. This workshop provides instruction, best practices, and numerous tips on designing and maintaining taxonomies for practical use. Design considerations include whether to create a taxonomy or thesaurus, whether a taxonomy should be primarily hierarchical or faceted, how large should it be, are synonyms/variants needed and if so how many, what are the sources for the terms, and what are the guidelines for properly creating hierarchical relationships. Get skills for your current job or to create another career path as many organizations reach out for those who can provide access to web content, and more.

Whether you need to create a taxonomy to organize information on a web site, classify information in a content management system, establish a controlled vocabulary for a periodical or database indexing project, or simply understand how to use taxonomies and thesauri better, this workshop will get you on your way.

Workshop includes interactive exercises and PDF file of full presentation slides.

Workshop Outline

1. Introduction, Definitions, and Types

  • Definitions and types of controlled vocabularies (taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, etc.)
  • Benefits of taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies
  • Applications and uses of taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies

2. Creating & Wording of Terms

  • Concept inclusion (deciding whether to include a term)
  • Term wording and format, and distinguishing different terms with the same name
  • Nonpreferred terms/alternative labels/synonyms

3. Creating Term Relationship

  • Hierarchical (Broader Term/Narrower Term) relationships
  • Associative (Related Term) relationships
  • Customized, semantic relationships

4. Structural Design

  • One or more taxonomy or thesaurus, and named entities included or separate
  • Categories or classes within controlled vocabularies
  • Hierarchies (including depth and breadth), polyhierarchies, and facets

5. Display Options

  • Sorting display options
  • Hierarchy end-user display options
  • Facet end-user display options

6. Other Topics

  • Sources for terms (stakeholders, users, content, and external sources)
  • Software for taxonomy editing and management
  • Project processes and governance


Registration is separate from the main conference. Full-conference registration is not required to participate in this workshop.
Registration is on the Computers in Libraries conference website.
Workshop description on the conference website.



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