Corporate Onsite Workshops

Corporate Onsite Taxonomy Workshop Options

All workshops are divided into sections/modules, and different attendees may attend different modules as appropriate for their interests.
There is no limit to the number of participants, however it is recommended to limit participation in the module that focuses on taxonomy term and relationship building to those with the greatest interest, because interactive exercises are best with limited but focused participants. A number of 5-40 participants in interactive sessions is suggested.

Workshops are available onsite throughout North America. Worldwide is possible depending on location and scheduling. There is supplemental fee for long distance travel time (over 4 hours roundtrip) of $60/hour and capped at $1000.

One-day, partial day (2-5 hours)
This workshop can either include most taxonomy topics of a full-day workshop with not as much in depth, or it can be more focused on one area (e.g. taxonomy and metadata, taxonomy creation best practices, taxonomy implementations, etc.)
Fee range: $1000 – $1700

One-day, full day (6-8 hours)
This workshop most closely follows the outline of full-day pre-conference workshops, with some customization/selection of outline topics
$1900 – $2300

Two days (4-6 hours per day / 8-12 hours total)
This workshop is similar to the full-day workshop, but is split over two days for the convenience of participants, and the longer length offering more time for interactive exercises and discussion and some additional topics of choice.
$2300 – $3000

Fee includes:

  • Semi-customization of workshop outline topics
  • Pre-planning meetings
  • Workshop delivery, exercise and activity facilitation, and ample Q&A time
  • PDF file of presentation slides for unrestricted internal distribution
  • Right to record the workshop and to distribute the recording internally

Fee does not include:

  • Customization of presentation content with examples from the organization’s content or type of content (although this can be arranged for an additional charge)
  • Answering specific case questions outside of the workshop session time (although add-on taxonomy consulting services can be arranged for an additional charge)

Additionally, all travel expenses (personal car mileage, train or airfare, ground transportation, parking, tolls, meals, possibly car rental) must be paid, as either a lump sum allowance or reimbursed for individual expenses.

Please or call (978-467-5195) Heather Hedden to discuss your needs.