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About Heather Hedden

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Heather Hedden is an information management professional, with a specialization in taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and indexing.

Heather's employed experience has been largely with Cengage Learning and its predecessor companies and for a shorter period with other employers. After starting as periodical database indexer and user of controlled vocabularies with Information Access Company in 1993, Heather moved up into the vocabulary management group of the company in 1996, which, through mergers and acquisitions, became the Gale Group, then Thomson Learning, and now Cengage Learning. She left the company in February 2004 and returned to the same position again in January 2014.

Employed experience Heather had in the intervening decade includes those of:
- Information Taxonomist, developing taxonomies integrated into a search software tool for the start-up software developer Viziant Corporation
- Taxonomy Manager, responsibility for making documents easier to find in SharePoint at First Wind Energy
- Senior Taxonomy Analyst, providing custom taxonomy design and development services to clients of the the consulting company Project Performance Corporation.

Heather started her business Hedden Information Management in spring 2004, and has offered various services over the years: small website design and information architecture, back-of-the-book indexing, website A-Z index creation, web indexing training, taxonomy and controlled vocabulary creation, taxonomy development training, and taxonomy evaluation and consulting. Presently, while full-time employed, Heather offers consulting services only in a small advisory capacity, such as in taxonomy evaluation services. For larger taxonomy projects, she will provide referrals to other taxonomy consultants with which she has worked.

Heather teaches online courses in taxonomy creation independently and until recently through the Continuing Education Program of Simmons College - School of Library and Information Science. She has given numerous conference workshops and presentations and published many articles on taxonomies, indexing, and other information management topics and has written two books: The Accidental Taxonomist, published by Information Today, Inc. and Indexing Specialties: Web Sites, published jointly by the American Society for Indexing and Information Today, Inc. Heather also has a background in writing and editing, including reference book essays, abstracts, technical documentation, and magazine and newspaper articles.

Heather is currently (2015 - 2018) a member of the board of the American Society for Indexing and is manager of its Digital Publications Indexing Special Interest Group. She previously served as vice president and then president of the New England Chapter of the American Society for Indexing in 2005 and 2006 respectively. In 2007 she founded the Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies Special Interest Group if ASI, which she chaired for three years. Heather was also the founding chair of the Mentoring Committee of the Taxonomy Division of SLA 2010-2012.

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Heather Hedden
98 East Riding Drive
Carlisle, MA 01741-1602

Tel. 978-467-5195 (mobile)

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