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The Accidental Taxonomist, 2nd edition
by Heather Hedden

Information Today Inc., 2016
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Summary & Endorsements
Table of Contents
Foreword by Joseph Busch
Sample Chapter
Websites from the Book

Websites from the Book

Following are all the external web sites listed throughout The Accidental Taxonomist and gathered in Appendix D of the book, often grouped by section headings within the corresponding chapters. In some cases the link here differs slightly from that printed in the book, by being more direct to a subpage on an external site or involving a URL which would have been too long to print in the book. Over time, if web links change, they will be updated here.

Chapter 1 – What Are Taxonomies?

Thesaurus Standards
  International Standard Organization
  National Information Standard Organization
  ANSI/NISO Z39.19 2005 (R2010)

Example Taxonomies
  Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
  Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
  ERIC Vocabularies
  Getty Research Institute Vocabularies
  SuperPages yellow pages
  Shoebuy.com advanced search
  Microbial Life Education Resources
  Information Archituecture Institute site map
  MyFlorida.com site map

Taxonomies for License
  Taxonomy Warehouse
  Photo Keywords

Chapter 2 – Who are Taxonomists?

No web links

Chapter 3 – Creating Terms

Term Extraction Tools
  Translated Labs
  Term Extraction from Five Filters

Thesauri Online
  Online Thesauri and Authority Files - American Society for Indexing

Chapter 4 – Creating Relationships

No web links

Chapter 5 – Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management

Mind Mapping and Concept Modeling Software
  FreeMind from SourceForge
  MindManager from MindJet
  VisiMap from Coco Systems Ltd.

Ontology Software
  TopBraid Composer from TopQuadrant

Taxonomy Software Resources
  Taxonomy Warehouse: Marketplace
  TaxoBank: Thesauri and Vocabulary Control - Thesaurus Software

Taxonomy Management Software
  MultiTes Pro from Multisystems
  Data Harmony Thesaurus Master from Access Innovations
  Mondeca Intelligent Topic Manager
  SAS Ontology Management
  Smartlogic Semaphore Ontology Editor
  TopBraid Enterprise Vocabulary Net

Free and Open Source Taxonomy Software
  Protégé Ontology Editor
  SKOS Editor Plug-in

Records Management Software
  SoutronTHESAURUS from Soutron Global
  a.k.a from Synercon
  One-2-One from Active Classification Solutions

Chapter 6 – Taxonomies for Human Indexing


Chapter 7 – Taxonomies for Automated Indexing

Entity Extraction Software
  Rosette Entity Extractor
  Rosoka Extraction

Auto-Categorization Software
  BA Insight
  Cogito from Expert Systems
  Data Harmony Machine Aided Indexer (MAI)
  Mondeca Content Annotation Manager
  OpenText Content Analytics
  PoolParty Power Tagging
  Semaphore Content Classification Services
  SAS Enterprise Content Categorization
  Synaptica Text Analytics & Auto-Classification System

Chapter 8 – Taxonomy Structures

Facet Examples
  Jobs on Simply Hired
  Recipes on Food.com (with the selection of Advanced Search)
  Cars on Kelley Blue Book
  Carnegie Museum of Art collection
  Sears (after selecting a specific category)

Chapter 9 – Taxonomy Displays

  USDA National Agriculture Library Thesaurus A-Z browse
  USDA National Agriculture Library Thesaurus search
  ERIC Thesaurus A-Z browse
  Dex Media Superpages yellow pages directory
  USA Today Content Tree
  Lynda.com categories (displayed by hovering over "Library")
  Amazon.com categories
  Buzzillions facets (after selecting a category)
  North Carolina State University Libraries facets (with the selection of Advanced Search)
  Clinical Trials facets

Chapter 10 – Taxonomy Planning, Design, and Creation

Web analytics software

  User Zoom Card Sorting
  Measuring the User Experience

Chapter 11 – Taxonomy Implementation and Evolution

Interoperability formats

Multilingual Taxonomy Example
  AGROVOC Thesaurus

Chapter 12 – Taxonomy Work and Profession

Jobs and Contractors
  Taxonomy Jobs Yahoo! list
  Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG directory of available freelance taxonomists

Continuing Education and Training
  Kent State University, School of Library & Information Science
  University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies and Faculty of Information
  University of Wisconsin at Madison, School of Library and Information Science
  American Society for Indexing, "Practical Taxonomy Creation"
  AIIM "Taxonomy & Metadata Practitioner Course"
  SLA Taxonomy Division webinars
  Association for Library Collections and Technical Services division of the ALA, "Controlled Vocabulary & Thesaurus Design"
  Hedden Information Management "Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies" online course

Conferences Which May Have Taxonomy Workshops or Sessions
  SLA (Special Libraries Association)
  American Society for Indexing
  ASIS&T (Association for Information Science & Technology)
  IA (Information Architecture) Summit
  Euro IA
  American Library Association
  International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC)
  Taxonomy Boot Camp
  Henry Stewart DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  Semantic Technology Conference (SPTechCon)

Organizations and Networks
  ASI Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG
  SLA Taxonomy Division
  Information Architecture Institute
  American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T)
  Taxonomy Community of Practice Yahoo group
  Taxonomy Community of Practice LinkedIn group

Web Resources
  Construction of Controlled Vocabularies: A Primer
  The Accidental Taxonomist blog
  Earley Information Science blog: Ideas & Insights
  Enterprise Knowledge blog
  Green Chameleon Blog by Patrick Lambe
  Synaptica Central blog
  TaxoDiary blog
  Access Innovations, Inc. - Media Library
  Controlled Vocabulary
  Taxonomy Strategies - Library
  Taxonomy Warehouse


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